1. OR, if you prefer, download a printed Registration Form here, fill in the details, then drop it off with your cheque (payable to Main Place Optimists) at East Wellington Community Services, 45 Main Street, Erin (Office hours 9 am - 4 pm weekdays)  
  2. OR mail the Registration Form + your cheque to Main Place Optimist Club of Erin, PO Box 582, Erin ON N0B 1T0 

We are looking for Camp Counsellors both paid Staff and Volunteers
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Basketball: This is geared to all ages and sizes. We go over the basics of shooting, passing, dribbling, and good defense while having fun and allowing lots of time to play actual games. The aim is to create a sense of teamwork and a love for the sport. Please have your kids bring good running shoes to play in.

Skateboarding: This is for kids who want to learn the fundamentals of skateboarding. From the basics of balance to performing their first Ollie, this activity is for kids willing to learn and push themselves to improve every day. Skateboards and helmets are not provided and are mandatory for kids to participate.

Floor Hockey: Run, pass, shoot and score! Floor hockey is for kids who enjoy everything hockey. Using the arena at Centre 2000, kids will get the basics, increase overall skills, plus play lots of games focusing on teamwork. Please have your kids bring good running shoes for this activity.

Soccer: From playing games on the field to working on shooting in front of the net, we’ll help kids improve their skills while having fun. Campers will play games, work on defense, understand how and where to pass the ball, plus maybe some ‘soccer baseball’ to add in some extra enjoyment. Soccer cleats and shin pads are not mandatory but are encouraged.

Variety Sports: Sports enthusiasts, look no more! Variety sports is a week where just about anything goes. With one sport in the morning to another in the afternoon, we offer tons of fun for kids who simply enjoy playing. Kids will learn a bit about the basics of each sport, then play a game until either lunch or end of the day. Good running shoes needed. 

Bike fun: Bike fun is great for kids who love to roll around and explore. Kids will see our village in a whole new way, on half-day trips through local trails to discover more of what our town has to offer. Bikes and helmets are not provided and are mandatory for kids to participate in this activity.

Badminton: Campers will learn the basics of badminton and improve their skills. Using the gym at EDHS, we will teach them the rules of the game, how to serve, different types of shots and good strategy. Some drills and lots of games. Rackets are not provided, so bring your own. Good running shoes a great idea.
Olympics: From the 100 Meter Dash to the Longest Ball Throw, kids will have fun competing for ribbons doing many different activates. Campers of the same ages will compete against each other in anything from relay races to paper airplane tossing. It’s all about everyone having fun together while encouraging kids to do their best.

Arts & Crafts/Drama: For kids who enjoy drawing a picture and playing wax museum, to making up skits, this is the activity for you. You will enjoy a wide variety of drama games while doing lots of different arts & crafts. If you love creativity and self-expression, this is a great choice!