To parents and patrons of Main Place Optimist Club - Erin:

We understand that you have been waiting to hear an answer from MPO about our summer camps and we thank you for your patience. 

After much consideration, and not through lack of trying, it is with sadness and regret that MPO finds we are not in a position to provide summer camps this year, as hoped. To recap the pressure points we have been trying to navigate, we lost our program director and have not been in a position to replace him due to funding issues. Also, our major funder, Canadian Tire Jump Start has changed its funding model, which has meant that we were no longer eligible to apply for funding directly. Additionally, MPO has been waiting for the results of an almost 4-year process to secure funds left by MPO's founder, the late Patrick Suessmuth to continue his work and legacy by providing seasonal camps and his after-school programs. Pat's Will is being contested which has restrained any additional funds to the summer camps program, as it continues to progress through the Legal process.

Those of us who remember Pat know he dreamed of running a youth centre, providing fun and support of the kids in Erin through his various sports programs. MPO is mindful of wanting to continue to realise Pat's dream and carry on his legacy, however, until the resolution of the contesting of his Will, we can not with conscience hold up your decision to make other arrangements this summer for your child/children.

We believe that Erin needs a youth centre and we are hopeful that MPO can provide it once we are clear of these legacy issues and remain positive, that with the community's help, we will be able to deliver this in the future.

We wish you and your kids a very good, happy and healthy summer.

Mary Shields


Main Place Optimist Club - Erin